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I am writing this review to tell of my experience as a customer of Phat Dachsunds. I was referred to Gina from an aquaintence that had also purchased a dog from her.

I recently bought a wonderful dog from Gina Jacobs. I was treated with complete professionalism and respect. She has been available on multiple occaisions by phone from the time that I put a deposit down and also after taking ownership of the dog. Communication was prompt and courteous.

Upon arriving to pick up the dog I was greated by Gina and her husband Chris who was very courteous. I also saw multiple dogs that were clearly well taken care of. I am currently looking for other dog breeds when I stumbled across these posts. I was shocked to read that someone would leave such malicious remarks.

I was concerned, having recently purchased a dog from her, I called the state myself and the AKC, and there are no such investigations on Gina Jacobs or her business. It is disappointing to see that someone would clearly behave in such a mean hateful mannor and make up malicious lies about a Gina and her business.

She is a well established breeder who cares for her dogs and customers. Thanks Gabriel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Phat Dachshunds Dachshund Dog.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Great service.

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Here's my view of this. Heaven Sent Dachs, if you lie or exaggerate about something in your post, how do you expect anyone to believe anything you say.

You say Phat has 50-60 litters of pups a year and that is no way near the truth. I bought a Phat pup last year and have been thinking about getting her a playmate so I go on to Phat's page at least every other week just to see what they have available. I know for a fact that Phat goes for a month or 6-7 weeks at a time with no new litters. According to you they have a new litter of pups at least once and sometimes twice a week and that's just not true.

And no I'm not Gina. I went into their home when I picked my pup up and there was no smell at all like you would think there would be if the conditions were as bad as you claim. Plus when I asked about my pups parents, Gina went and got both of them and brought them into the house and they were very clean dogs.

I'll watch how you campaign against Phat Sachsunds turns out, but as of right now I'm not buying into it at all. There are just too many happy Phat Dachshund owners on their Facebook page.

to Frank #1431621

Hello Frank!

You are incorrect Frank. Phat Dachshunds does produce 50-60 litters a year.

Dogs are hidden in Gina's garage & are kept quiet with shock collars. The reason I know this is because Gina Jacobs pretended to befriend a customer then cheated her, stole from her too. Gina confided many issues about her business & having too many dogs including the way she kept them quiet. Gina churns out puppies constantly.

If you look at her website now you will see a poor quality puppy named "Nugget". The poor puppy is just hideous. His mother is Maggie. Well Maggie was bred on her first heat at under a year old.

Gina is not concerned about her dachshunds only getting money from them as quick & as much as she can.

Also I am trying to find the past owner of a black & tan dapple piebald long hair female Dachshund named "Pepper". The dog is currently in the possession of Gina Jacobs at Phat Dachshunds. Gina owes the lady (that owned Pepper) the return of the dog after breeding her to death & Gina also owes the lady two puppies from Pepper. It must be a breeder-to-breeder agreement.

This happens sometimes. Gina breeds Pepper constantly & lists the puppies on Phat Dachshunds site as the mother being "Piper" to deceive the lady. Gina does not want to fulfill her contract with the woman so Gina is doing her usual..cheating someone. My new customer/Gina's old customer has the text in her phone where Gina Jacobs openly admits that she is cheating Pepper's past owner.

Hopefully the lady will find this & confront Gina. Pepper has puppies now & they are listed on Phat Dach's website. Naturally the mother is listed as Piper to fool the lady she owes puppies to. It is the Piper X Tiger litter.

Two brindle piebald males Harry & Henry.

I have a copy of Pepper's registration papers. Registered name PIPER RAZZI . Birthdate FEB 17 2009 (8 YEARS OLD & STILL A PUPPY MAKING MACHINE). SIRE MR PIBB.


To the lady that placed Pepper with Gina Jacobs--------------------Pepper is still being bred & housed at Phat Dachshunds. She has puppies currently by a brindle sire Tiger. Gina lists her as "Piper" instead of "Pepper" to fool you so you will not know because she does not want to relinquish Pepper to you or provide the puppies she owes you.

Gina is going to cheat you & steal from you just like she did her former customers. Gina is a user! She uses people & finally some people are pushing back.

Several breeders have banded together to help spread the word about Phat Dachs & her scamming. She is a terrible human being.

to Heaven Sent #1431833

The current litter from Pepper (Piper Razzi) is sired by a brindle named Jasper. They were born December 30, 2017.

Two brindle piebald males Harry & Henry. Ready to go February 24, 2018. The brindle piebald short hair male is reserved for the Mullinicks. Gina falsely lists the mother as "Piper" opposed to the real name of Pepper to avoid fulfilling her contract of giving the lady the puppies she owes her from Pepper.

Gina did have a breeding female named Piper (red piebald) so she uses that name as a cover on her website to hide Pepper's puppies. Once again she is cheating someone. The lady Gina refers to as "the crazy lady".

I have my customers' paperwork in front of me in which they purchased a puppy from Gina out of Pepper----listed on Phat Dachs website as Piper. That litter was born May 22, 2017 & was from Pepper (false name Piper) and Tiger the other brindle male.

No surprise that Pepper is bred every heat. Poor dog.

Gina has no intentions of honoring her agreement with the lady on Pepper. Gina is a cheat & turns on anyone when they stand their ground to her.

to Heaven Sent #1437033

Hello, I have stumbled onto this website. I know a couple who adopted a puppy from this place and they are very happy.

I have a deposit on a puppy from there now. I am so conflicted after reading these comments. I have rescue dogs now. I haven't purchased a puppy in ages.

I was so excited to have a fur baby.

Now I am very worried. How can you tell that Nugget from her webpage is poor quality?

to Lola #1440621

Hello Lola! My advice to you is to run away from Gina Jacobs at Phat Dachshunds in Smyrna TN.

Gina hides approximately 50 Dachshunds in her home & keeps them quiet with shock collars. The reason I know some of my info on Gina is because my new customers were Gina's former customers. Gina pretended to be this lady"s ( my customer) friend and shared a lot of personal info with her. Their "friendship" went downhill when Gina sold them puppies that died of genetic defects and Gina will not replace the puppies even with proof by autopsy.

Gina defends herself by saying the postings are a lie, etc---what you expect Gina to say. There is now a investigation ongoing about Chris & Gina Jacobs and their puppy mill run out of their home in Smyrna TN. Gina is mass producing Dachshunds and does not even take the puppies to a vet--ever---and then sells them for high dollars. The former customers of Gina's did not get replacement puppies but Gina did cuss them out by text (very unprofessional) and retaliated by stealing $400 they had as deposits on her puppies.

They call and text Gina but she has not communicated with them since November 2017. Gina is guilty of producing sick pups and she stole from them so she is now hiding & calling her customers the liars. Grade school mentality from Gina Jacobs. She not only dresses like a child but has the maturity level to go with it.

To answer you question on "Nugget" & why he is poor quality. I have been a Dachshund breeder for many years & produced several AKC Champions. Gina has never even owned a Champion muchless bred one from her litters. Nugget has a poor head shape, his coat color is mutated, his nose is too short even for a puppy.

He looks like a Cock-a-poo or some kind of designer breed (mutt). Even more disturbing is that Nugget's mother (Maggie) was bred on her first heat at only 10 months old. Gina was so greedy that she bred a 10 month old female puppy. Reputable breeder?

I think not. If you cancel the sale I imagine Gina will keep your deposit--she is so greedy. Still it may be better to walk away from the deposit than to spend thousands in vet bills and watch your pet die. Gina's customers (mine now) lost over $1,500 in vet bills in one day because of one of her garage bred Dachshunds and Gina would not even speak with them.

Then she posts that they are lying. Really? Even though I have seen the autopsy report & vet bills.

If you chose to buy from Gina at Phat Dachshunds----consider yourself warned. Gina is going to lie & deny----you don't really expect her to admit it do you?


Hello Gabriel--or should I say Gina Jacobs? I believe this is Gina writing her own review about her breeding kennel.

I have been watching Phat Dachshunds website & Facebook page.

There has not been a sale or deposit received from a Gabriel.

This is Maria from Heaven Sent Dachshunds. The one that sent you 4 emails about your former customers that you ripped off. You ignored all 4 of my emails.

So much for prompt communication. You ignored numerous attempted contact from your customers about the dying puppies you sold them, stealing $400 in deposit money from them, but you did have your husband Chris Jacobs cuss them out in text. Chris being courteous? Spare me!

I will be happy to post the screen shot of him cussing out your customer. I will post it here on Pissed Consumer so potential customers will see just how courteous he is.

So Gabriel Gina, you called the state & there is no investigation about your kennel? Amazing how you knew which office to call. What city, which department?

Liar. There is an investigation because you have sold so many sick dogs. I have a copy of the business card for the USDA investigator with Agricultural Crimes that is investigating you. I will be happy to post a copy of his card on Pissed Consumer so all the people you ripped off can call him.

As far as AKC, you charge high dollars for puppies who you mostly sell as CKC.

You don't want AKC to know how many litters you produce to avoid inspections. You produce over 50 litters of Dachshunds every year. Puppy mill!

Did you tell your new puppy buyers that their puppy never saw a vet? You never spent one dime on vet care or a vet visit though you continue to increase the price of your puppies.

For you to care so much about your customers you never would respond to the couple or agree to see the autopsy report on the Dachshund puppy you sold them that lived about 2 weeks after you sold it to them. I have a copy of the autopsy report. That puppy had 3 genetic disorders & it died as a result of your puppy mill. With what you did to this couple I have no doubt all these complaints on here are true.

This couple is in the process of filing a lawsuit against you. When you are standing in a courtroom is that all going to be a lie too? You are totally fake. Anyone that has been sold a sick Dachshund by Gina Jacobs please email me & I will put you in contact with the couple who is filing a lawsuit against Gina Jacobs.

I emailed Gina & asked her to try & resolve the issue with the couple. Gina would not respond to me or them. She does not care about her customers or the large numbers of puppies she produces. If you have been sold a sick puppy by Phat Dachshunds email me at heavensentdachshunds@gmail.com.

Amazing Gina how you can take the time to write this bogus review about yourself but you couldn't take the time to communicate with the customers you scammed or respond to any of my emails I sent you about stealing money & selling sick puppies. You have no problem with past customers knowing what you are you just want to lie & cover it up so you can get money off new customers.

You decided at some point that your business reputation meant nothing to you. Live with it.

to Heaven Sent Dachs #1414926

I am not saying that everything you are writing is not possible, however I can tell you that I am very pleased with Phat Dashounds. We have bought 3 and about to be number 4 Dashounds from them and none of ours have had any issues.

Gina has always been very good to us and has never pushed us into a sell, in fact she has been very helpful with everything we have asked. I have been to her house and seen the conditions many times and have always thought she was running a very nice place.

We are very happy with our puppies and will continue to use Gina and Phat Dashounds in the years ahead. The Youngs from Hilton Head, SC (formerly from Knoxville, TN)

to Steve Young #1421518


I saw your deposit listed for a piebald wire hair female Dachshund from the Fergie x Prince litter. Be aware that Gina's former customers purchased a black/tan wire hair male from Fergie's last litter & the puppy was diagnosed with a genetic heart disorder (patent ductus) so Fergie does carry for this life threatening genetic defect.

The male puppy purchased has died from his heart issue. The customers have all vet paperwork & even a DNA analysis to prove the Dachshund puppy was indeed stricken with this ailment & the puppy did come from Phat Dachshunds (parentage can be proven with DNA). Gina Jacobs will not correspond with these people but did have her husband Chris cuss them out by text. This can be shown & proven.

Gina is claiming to be scammed while she sold them this puppy & others that died of genetic defects. Paperwork & DNA results are in-hand on each puppy. Gina Jacobs will not correspond with her customers, other than having her cussing husband text them, which is very bad business. She does not health test her breeding stock & the females are bred every single heat.

Fergie has never had a break in breeding. I have bred Doxies for many years & I can tell you that Gina has started the demise of her business. The former customers even had money on dogs of Gina's. After Chris Jacobs cussed them out Gina placed their puppies for sale & stole the money she had collected.

This is blatant theft & cannot be justified. The husband (former customer) is in law enforcement for the U S Government & I feel like Gina picked the worst ( or should I say best) person to sell sick dogs to & steal from. Gina has a hard road of legal troubles ahead of her. She can feed you a bunch of lies when you pick up your puppy but the truth is in the vet paperwork, autopsy reports, DNA certificates, texts.

Gina has a major problem coming. Search internet she has many complaints for selling unhealthy dogs. A breeder that sells dogs that die soon after purchase and steals money from her customers then won't even talk with them. The customers send Gina texts and she ignores them.

Gina has the total mentality of a child. Steve, I hope your puppy is healthy. I suggest you have her heart checked out. The mother to your puppy (Fergie) has already produced a puppy that died of a defective heart and she never gets a break in breeding.

Her poor body will wear out. Gina produces 50-60 litters of Dachshunds a year. That is a puppy mill.

No argument can be given. 50-60 litters a year.

to Heaven Sent Dachs #1421967

I happen to agree with the negative reviews about this breeder. This is not the only page on Pissed Consumer about Gina Jacobs-Phat Dachshunds.

You can find them by entering her name, Phat Dachshunds or her phone 615-692-2628. I have a Dach puppy from Gina. He has lost all mobility of his right arm. It is a genetic neurological disorder.

I can't remember the parents names but my paperwork says Phat Dach's Your Cheatin Heart and Verde Hills Queen of Late Night. The fact that Gina will not communicate with her complaining customers is a big warning sign.

IT TELLS YOU GINA KNOWS SHE IS WRONG & IS GUILTY OF THE ACCUSATIONS. Many of us have gotten the raw deal in buying from Phat Dachshunds in Smyrna Tennessee.

to Heaven Sent Dachs #1430840

I appreciate the concern, however like previously stated we have 3 dogs from Phat Dashounds currently and have had no problem whatsoever (in fact we are driving 9 hours each way to get our next one). All of our dogs are extremely healthy and other than the fact that they love to dig in the sand looking for moles and bark when other people or dogs come around we have seen no issues.

I am truly sorry that you or someone you know might have gotten a bad dog, I am sure that happens from time to time.

We personally are very happy with our 3 dogs (Linus, Lucy, & Woodstock) and have no reason to think that number 4 (Charlie) will be any different. We pick her up next week.

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