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Has anyone had problems with a Dachshund purchased from Gina Jacobs of Phat Dachshunds? Phone number 615-692-2628.

I bought a mini dachshund from Gina. When I picked up my puppy he was underweight and smelled awful. I took him to the vet and he was full of worms. My vet looked at the shot record Gina gave me and he was appalled.

Gina gives the shots herself--if she gives them at all--they are cheap shots and she gave them at the wrong ages. I have to now pay to redo his shots. My puppy being full of worms meant the wormer Gina gave was old or not given at all. Apparently Gina never had my puppy vet checked before selling him to me.

She had no concern for the puppy she was selling. I bought my puppy a while back but we are still going to the vet to get the worms out of him. It just never ends. Sad that I paid that much only to buy a neglected puppy from a backyard breeder.

I feel bad for any dog in Gina's care.

Do yourself a favor---do not buy a dachshund from Phat Dachshunds in Smyrna TN. Save yourself a ton of vet bills!

Review about: Phat Dachshunds Dachshund Dog.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Look of my puppy.

I didn't like: Sick puppy for a high price tag.

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Hate that I had to find this. I bought a dachshund pup from Phat dachs last year.

I definitely paid way to much for him. On Gina's website it says at 5 weeks old the pups get a neopar shot against parvo. look under her puppy info tab on her site. The shot record she gave me for my pup did not show him getting a neopar shot at 5 weeks or ever.

Another one of her lies just trying to make a buck. very disheartening. My vet suggested I have him do Max's shots all over again because catching Gina in the neopar lie means she probably did not give him shots at all. She cuts corners on these poor little pups to make more money.

She refused to give me her vets name so that means my pup never saw a vet.

I hope this cruel woman gets shut down soon. Save the animals.


This is so disgusting. I work with a young woman that bought a dachshund puppy from Gina and it died after not having it very long.

I will let her know that she is not the only person having trouble with this breeder. Hope she will post and tell you her story.


to Nurse Sunshine #1392909

So far no luck getting the young woman to tell her story on Gina Jacobs and her Dachshund Ripoff Scam! I am furious with this situation.

The young woman has money so Gina pretended to be her friend to get loads of cash off her for poor quality, sick dachshund puppies and to sell Rodan Field skin products to. There is a very hot place waiting for people like Gina Jacobs and her dachshund scam.

Know what I mean? The fires of ______.

to Nurse Sunshine #1392942

Tell her we want to hear her story. Help others from being ripped off.


I know Gina personally. She is a very two faced woman.

Stay away from her.

She is nothing like she pretends to be. She is why her kids turned out to be the way they are.

to Know Her #1397973

I know Gina Jacobs through her daughter Whitney Darrell. If the mother is anything like Whitney watch out.

Whitney is a backstabbing little ***. Total skank!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to In the know #1397975

Hahaha. I know Whitney Darrell to.

Bad news and such a tramp.

Guess Whitney turned tricks to many times she has a illegitimate baby on the way. Skank.

to Hi people #1397976

Yep the apple did not fall far from the tree. Bet Gina and Whitney work the same street corners. Nasty {{Redacted}}.

to Hi people #1397991

Whitney Darrell works at Ulta in Smyrna TN. Guess she will until she drops her mutt.


This is horrible but not surprising. I live close to the Jacobs family.

They live on Paddle Wheel Lane in Smyrna TN and I am close by enough to hear all the dogs barking. The smell coming from their backyard is very offensive. There must be a lot of dogs in poor conditions. I barely know Gina but do not have a high opinion of what I see.

The husband is Chris. My son knows him and says Chris is a {{REDACTED}}. Perfect pair I guess. These poor animals do not need to be treated like this.

Please help the animals. Call the Smyrna Police Department at 615-459-2553 or 615-459-6644. If you have bought a sick animal from Chris or Gina Jacobs please contact authorities. I know they also have a business for kids READY SET JUMP inflatables bounce houses.

They are probably shady in that also. Report it to the Smyrna Police Department.


Yikes! I am so glad I found your complaint on Phat Dachshunds.

I was looking at her Facebook and was thinking about putting a deposit on one of the reds for Christmas. Didn't want to pay that much for a CKC dog. I certainly will not be buying a puppy from Gina now. No vet check and sick puppies.

No way! Thank you so much for posting!


I am sorry you had a bad experience with Gina Jacobs. Unfortunately Phat Dachshunds is only one of the puppy mills we reputable breeders have to answer for.

I have raised Standard & Miniature Doxies for over 22 years. Puppy mills & backyard breeders make our job harder. Once a buyer is ripped off it makes them never want to trust another breeder. Your puppy smelled so bad when you picked him up because he is a puppy mill puppy.

Gina at Phat Dachshunds ALWAYS has puppies for sale and plenty more dogs pregnant. Her puppies are mass produced & live in filthy conditions without enough time or effort to properly clean the puppy cages. Puppies are packed in cages until they are picked up by new unsuspecting families like yourself. Your puppy laid in his and his littermates urine & *** until the odor is ground in.

Deplorable inhumane conditions. The odor will eventually go away with baths and new coat. I see the Dachshunds Gina Jacobs has for sell. They are all pet quality & she charges way more than they are worth.

Pure greed. Recently she had puppies listed as "blue" or "black" with color pending. She doesn't even have enough sense to know their color & puppies are advertised almost as newborns. Gina is so eager to get deposits that she doesn't care if you are happy with your purchase or not.

Rarely does Gina ever have a true cream Dachshund. Most of the time the puppies are light washed out reds and she sells them as creams. Phat dachshunds knows nothing about the breed or coat color. She just wants your hard earned money for a puppy mill dog.

On Gina's parents page you will see a stud dog named Snoop. Gina says he is cream piebald. No he is red piebald with a very long nose. Pet quality dog that should not be bred.

He is not cream piebald but I really doubt Gina has enough sense to know the difference. Gina Jacobs is a disgrace to the real breeders. She is a backyard puppy mill. She is not a breeder but what we breeders call a "greeder".

I am so sorry you were ripped off by that crook. Buyer Beware!!!!

to Doxie Momma #1391167

We bought a dachshund pup from Gina Jacobs in Smyrna Tn. I don't remember the mother dogs name but the father was Watridges Go Big Orange.

Our puppy has been a disappointment. She has a weird apple shaped head, bug eyes, she is definitely a misfit. We overpaid for the quality for sure. We bought into the bit of "Stop Puppy Mills" on Phat Dachshunds website then we find out Gina herself is a puppy mill.

Our girl Dachshund does not stop barking. It is excessive and most definitely a behavior problem. It is possible we will not be keeping our pup as she has such a behavior issue. Probably from being packed in the puppy mill cages barking for food and water.

Gina wants puppies returned to her if you cannot keep them. Probably trying to get her hands on more dogs to breed.

No way is Bella going back to the *** she came from. You are not mistreating her again gina.

to Doxie Momma #1395587

On Gina's Phat Dachshund website she has a female puppy listed as "Cookie" out of Stella x Tiger. The dog is listed by Gina Jacobs as a cream but it is a light red.

It makes me wonder if Gina has no idea what Doxie colors are or if she is just trying to ripoff some unsuspecting uneducated dog buyer.

Either way it is wrong. Ignorance is no excuse.

to Doxie Momma #1397972

Phat Dachshunds AKA Gina Jacobs in Smyrna Tn is a joke. Professional breeders know what a clown she is.

Save your money and buy from a breeder that knows coat colors, takes pups to the vet, and is ethical. You will find none of this at Phat Dachshunds 615-692-2628.

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