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TAKE NOTICE there is a current investigation of State and Federal violations of Gina Denise Coley Darrell Jacobs DBA PHAT DACHSHUNDS and John Christopher "Chris" Jacobs, her husband and owner/operator of Ready Set Jump bounce houses/units. Located 409 Paddle Wheel Lane, Smyrna Tennessee 37167.

Gina Jacobs phone number 615-692-2628. Chris Jacobs phone number 615-962-3535. Anyone interested in supplying information may email Take notice that if you send an email your IP address will be recorded.

Animal Internet Crimes. Gina and Chris Jacobs of Smyrna TN are being investigated for multiple violations of the TN Consumer Protection Act, providing new puppy owners with a false warranty of health on Dachshund puppies, Federal racketeering in multiple offenses of obtaining a deposit from one individual for the sale of a puppy then again placing the same puppy for sale to a repeat number of individuals with no deposit/payment refund ever provided to the victims, supplying new puppy owners with false or invalid registration paperwork (AKC, CKC). Jacobs' Dachshunds (Phat Dachshunds) sells puppies with no prior veterinarian exam by a licensed veterinarian, offering no veterinary care for the Dachshund puppies in her care and vast possibility of selling sick puppies raised in an environment with a large number of Dachshunds hoarded in their home at 409 Paddle Wheel Lane, Smyrna, TN 37167. Gina Jacobs' Dachshund puppies are often sold to new owners residing in states outside of TN.

These puppies will be sold by Jacobs and transported outside TN state lines with no State of TN issued Certificate of Health and no veterinarian exam in violation of the governing laws of the Department of Interstate Commerce.

Civil penalties and Criminal charges with Restitution to new owners/victims of Phat Dachshunds are being pursued against Gina Jacobs DBA Phat Dachshunds and her husband, Chris Jacobs. 409 Paddle Wheel Lane, Smyrna TN 37167.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Laws that will apply to stop internet crimes.

I didn't like: More victims of phat dachshunds yet not discovered.

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I bought a pup from Phat and she developed IVDD, which resulted in a rupture in a disc in her back. She now drags her back legs and has no bowel or bladder control.

We spent thousands of dollars.I’m not sure if this breeder knew my dogs parents were carriers for this issue, I did notify her.I have noticed there are an endless supply of pups from this breeder. The numbers have increased steadily since I bought my dog.

I believe it is a puppy mill and this breeder is only interested in $$$ not producing healthy dachshunds. Sad.

to Connie D #1468663

Gee! Funny that we have never heard of you before, and we have had 0 calls from you about anything,oh wait,It's because it's you again puppy scammer,must not have found a real job yet besides making up fake names and putting bogus reviews on this site.

What would be good is if you would actually do something good with your life and not just scam on people just to spin that crazy wheel you have in your head. Being jealous of other people and trying to crash their achievements is a lot of wasted time. Tell your fake husband aka uncle old man larry to do the same. He should have a helluva retirement since he retired from being a Attorney General like you said,lol,what a joke.

I just wish we had a picture of you guys just to show everyone on here what you look like. They would die laughing.

to Connie D #1471392

I bought a dog from Gina at Phat Dach's several years ago. She has chronic skin issues.

I still have her but it is constant vet bills. Gina knows of many of us not happy with her puppies and her selling sick dogs. She does not care. All Phat Dachshunds wants is your money.

Gina definitely mass produces puppies.

Only $$$ is what she wants. My experience with Phat Dachshunds is not a good one.

to Connie D #1472443

Connie, do you know the names of the parents to your puppy that has IVDD? Either their registered names or anything?

Even what color they are. Phat Dachs is producing plenty of puppies with genetic disorders and Gina is aware. She is no more than a puppy mill breeding her dogs to death. Your money is all she wants.

I assume Phat Dach's did not replace your puppy or issue a refund?

If you can post any info that would be wonderful. Many of us are compiling information to go to the State.


I bought a Dachshund pup from Phat Dachshunds and the entire process was a nightmare. I will get in touch with this investigator. Until now some of us did not know how to let others know what kind of puppy mill and scam operation Phat Dachshunds is.

to Another Gina victim #1479218

Anyone that has a complaint against Phat Dach make sure you let everyone know. I am so repulsed.

I bought a female Dachs from Phat Dach in Smyrna Tn. She has suffered from skin issues for years now. I posted a complaint on this website about my experience with Phat Dach so Phat Dach comes on as Mike Honcho and says that they never sold me a dog that is a lie. I have the sales contract and vet bills to prove.

I see the pattern. When someone posts a comment then Phat Dach comes on here with nasty insults and says they never sold a dog to that person. So far I see phat dach is posting as Mike Honcho, Mike Hunt, Dusty Mayron and anything else to look foolish. I posted my review then get attacked by liars at Phat Dachs.

Read how Phat dach lashes out at gutter level.

Any questions about the people behind Phat Dach? Buyer beware.


I purchased a puppy from Phat Dachshunds last year. I took the puppy to my local vet the next day and he said it was as healthy as a puppy could be.

She will be a year old very soon and has grown into a very healthy, beautiful dog. I have also read of at least fifty other Phat Dachshund owners on their Facebook page that are very happy with their puppies.


I am another disappointed Phat Dachs customer. I spent a lot of money to get my puppy well but I am glad she is with me instead of still living in a cage at Gina's.

My puppy had skin issues, bacteria issues from filth, and several internal parasites.

I will be contacting Animal Internet Crimes. Please stop the animal abuse.

to Jess #1421969

I am on Ginas facebook for Phat Dachs and will email or post anything of interest. We need to stop scams and animal abuse.

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